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    Focus your editing any time you are functioning out of time. If you’re really pressed for time, then probably some of the most beneficial things you might do to improve your essay are to make a reverse outline and to revise your introduction. 7]
    A reverse outline is a really fabulous, quick strategy to check the logic of your essay’s structure. 8] To do this, you formulate an outline from your concluded draft, jotting down the main ideas of your essay paragraph by paragraph. The result will glance quite a bit like an outline you would formulate before crafting an essay, but it’s possible to use it to double-check your completed product.
    Editing your introduction can clarify your thesis and make your essay stronger. Even as you made your outline and began producing your essay which has a certain idea of what your thesis or “point” was, that idea probably changed at least slightly as you wrote the essay itself. Go again to the intro after you have concluded a draft in the essay and make any changes to the wording of your thesis dependant upon what the rest on the essay says (the reverse outline will help figure this out).

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